Findora Smart Chain (EVM network)

A key concept to understand about Findora is that it is composed of two different blockchains combined into a single “multi-chain” model. These two blockchains include:

  • Findora Native Chain

    • a UTXO-based blockchain

    • support staking and confidential transactions

    • token address starting with fra... supported by Findora Desktop Wallet

  • Findora Smart Chain

    • an accounts-based blockchain

    • fully-EVM compatible, supports smart contracts and dapps

    • token address starting with 0x...supported by MetaMask Wallet

The Prism transfer feature is what enables users to bridge (aka transfer) assets from Findora Native Chain to Findora Smart Chain -- and vice versa (go to the Findora Wiki for more details).Forlend v1 is currently deployed on the Findora network. To use Forlend, please make sure your MetaMask is configured to the Findora Mainnet (Findora EVM network). Please refer to the Finora Wiki for more details on how to set up your MetaMask wallet.

Step 1. Set up MetaMask🦊

If you don’t have MetaMask, you will first need to download it here. If you’re setting it up for the first time, please save your private key securely and not on your computer. Anyone who has access to your private key effectively controls all your funds.

Step 2. Configure your MetaMask to Findora's EVM Network

You will need to add the Findora Network on MetaMask by clicking on the network listed at the top and then clicking add network. Use the following information:Network Name: Findora Mainnet

Step 3. Fund your MetaMask wallet with FRA tokens

You will need FRA to pay gas fees before you interact with Forlend's contract or any other protocols on the Findora Mainnet.

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