$VENI Tokenomic

Venice Finance is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Findora chain, a privacy-preserving public blockchain designed to support confidential smart contracts. The Venice Finance platform is designed to provide users with fast, secure, and low-cost trading for a range of digital assets, with a focus on privacy and community governance.

One of the key components of the Venice Finance ecosystem is the VENI token. VENI is the native governance token of the Venice Finance platform, and it plays an essential role in the platform's operations and governance. In this article, we'll explore the VENI token's tokenomics, including its distribution, uses, and incentives.

$VENI Token Utilities

  • Governance: VENI holders can participate in community voting to influence the future direction of the platform. This can include voting on proposals related to the protocol, funding, and other key decisions.

  • Liquidity farming rewards: Users who provide liquidity to the platform can earn VENI rewards through liquidity farming. The lock period for liquidity farming is seven days, after which users can claim their full rewards. Alternatively, users can withdraw their rewards immediately but only receive 50% of the rewards, with the other 50% being considered a penalty and added to the penalty pool.

  • Trading fee pool rewards: The trading fee pool is a liquidity pool where VENI holders can stake or lock their VENI tokens and share commission fees from trading activity on the platform in the form of FRA tokens. And there is no lockup period for staking in the trading fee pool.

  • Penalty pool rewards: The penalty pool is a liquidity pool where VENI holders can lock up their tokens for three months to earn additional rewards. These rewards come from penalties incurred by users who withdraw their liquidity early. After the three-month lockup period, users can continue to earn rewards by leaving their tokens locked in the pool.

Overall, the VENI token serves as a key component of the Venice Finance ecosystem, providing users with incentives to participate actively in the platform and governance process. By carefully managing the tokenomics of VENI and providing a range of rewards and utilities, Venice Finance aims to promote the growth and success of the platform and its community.

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