$VENI Token Allocation and Unlocking Schedule

Venice Finance offers its users a chance to earn VENI tokens through liquidity farming. By adding liquidity in the form of LP tokens, users can generate rewards in VENI tokens, incentivizing their involvement in the platform. There is a lock-up period of seven days for these rewards, after which users can claim the full amount. If they choose to withdraw their rewards before the lock-up period ends, they will only receive 50% of the rewards, with the remaining 50% being added to a penalty pool.

Overall, liquidity farming is an essential aspect of the Venice Finance platform, as it incentivizes users to provide liquidity to the protocol, which can help to promote the growth of the platform. By offer ing rewards in the form of VENI tokens, Venice Finance provides users with a direct and tangible incentive to participate actively in the platform and the broader community.

$VENI Emission Schedule (Accumulated)

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